Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Is In Bloom and Some Like It Haute ...

Spring Has Finally Arrived ... And Just In Time For Wedding, Garden Party, Summer Music Festival  and Reni Fair Time ....  

Floral head piece With Veil Christian LaCroix

It's Spring ... can't help but to notice its flowery arrival. Tucked in between the reminisce of the long cold days of winter are small emerging signs of Spring which in turn gives us an abundance of the most delectably delicious florals to plant, grow, and harvest for home display ... or Haute Fashion Accessories !!! Nothing is more organically welcoming than a home grown bouquet ... to enjoy for home or special gifts ... but do not underestimate the bouquets of potential options to adore YOU ! It's wedding season ... take these images for inspiration and chat with your local florist or DIY if your are the more than handy crafter. For bridesmaids to bride what wedding would not be so delightfully remembered for its fabulous flowering garden of beauty <3

The real beauty is in the artistry to make any idea your own complimenting your personal style .. whether it be blooms from your garden , silks or paper made florals ... the feeling evokes Spring with wonderment and joy ... here's a bit of inspiration ... from some CS faves ... from over the top fantasy to simply divine .. Spring and Summer blooms are always in style ... whether you like it Boho or Haute !

Chanel Paper Floral Headdress

Fresh Flower Spring Head Piece
Oversized and over The Top Tulip and Pansie Head Piece 

Silk Floral Boho Headdress 

Fresh Flower Head Piece

Silk Floral head Piece With Birdcage Veil

Floral headpiece Vogue Italia 

Retro 1958 Floral headpiece With Tulle Veil

Floral headdress Alexander McQueen

Simple floral headdress With Twig

Floral and Lace Head Piece Christian LaCroix

Simple Fresh Flower Spray
Silk Floral Roger Vivier Shoes

Should you choose a local florist or a DIY adornment ... make it FUN and fantastical ... and just your style ... for DIY vids have a lok at this super easy silk floral headpiece tutorial  ... start simple and with silk flower at first until you master your skills ... then build upon them adding other elements like beads and feathers. For the skilled floral arranger with knowledge of fresh floral technique and assemblage ... again start smaller and work your way up to Summers Hautest looks seen on runways globally. Happy Spring 2014 folks and thanks for joining us this week ... see you soon ... CS xoxo ! :)

Simple DIY YouTube Silk Head Piece Tutorial  ...

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