Thursday, April 10, 2014

White Hot For RED Valentino ...

Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars in Valentino Haute Couture
Black Lace and Bow Valentino Haute Couture Dress

Valentino Red ....

Valentino , a noted and coveted Italian fashion designer studied his art form under Balenciaga and several design icons of the day. Upon launching his own line he became well known for exquisite red gowns which became a tag line to his designs as known as "Valentino Red" Such designs reveal the artistry in shape and form. Some of the most telling signs of the Valentino brand are bows, ruffles and lace and of course red !
His dresses have graced the Red Carpets and many specialty events for women of distinction.

Valentino Haute Couture Coat

Valentino Haute Couture Black Tulle Dress

RED Valentino ....

RED Valentino Black Lace Coat

RED Valentino Black Lace Dress
RED Valentino Black Lace Beaded Dress

All this being said .. herein above and below begins our line of demarcation as I introduce you to a fashion BFF and fave brand under the Valentino brands called "RED Valentino" ... fun flirty ... classic and a tad sexy ... often with similar details to the the designers couture line such as bows, ruffles and lace paired down to a more wearable and affordable place for women to enjoy more readily  ... even a mix and match with your own items for a city chic look. Gorgeous floral prints and fine couture like shapes make this brand a must see to update your look to FABULOUS ! Perhaps still on the pricier side being sold at such doors as Saks Fifth Avenue and  Bloomingdales ... look for sale and bonus point days to for a specialty find that I believe you will LOVE and use forever ... the designs of staying power ... so power up and happy shopping RED Valentino style <3

RED Valentino Skirt and Sweater

RED Valentino Ivory Beaded Cocktail Dress

RED Valentino Cardigan with Bows

RED Valentino Lace Embellished Bow Tee ... LOVE

RED Valentino Floral Coat Paired with Casual Clothing .. FAB !

RED Valentino Little Black Dress

RED Valentino Lace Blouse with Textured Skirt 

RED Valentino Purse ... SO Similar to Valentino Line in Aesthetics at a Fraction of the Cost 

RED Valentino Sequin Bow Clutch ... I Own It <3

RED Valentino Lave Embellished Shoe

RED Valentino Floral Coat Dress 

Just a sampling of some of my favorite looks from the collection ... pick up a piece or a shoe or bag to fashion your own way chic even paired with jeans .. oh and yes they do make jeans ... with a bow back pocket ;) The RED Valentino collection caught my eye from the moment it was launched several years back. As a fan I have visited the show room here in NYC and was in pure delight at the silhouettes and fabrications ... this is where i learned the Valentino signature style ... bows, ruffles and lace ... 3 simple elements to remember on you Spring fling shopping trip ... add a dash here and there to you wardrobe in clothing or accessories ... a great, purse, belt, shoe, cardigan or jacket with some pretty detail will set off your Spring/Summer season in great style !!!

Thanks for joining me folks ... until next time ... be well and be fabulous... CS xoxo

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