Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Week In The LIFE of Accessories Designer Joan M Kelly ... Cosmik Souls Handcrafted Jewelry and Couture Accessories

Here's What Went Down ...

Hey there folks ... How are you braving the icy temps in your neck of the woods ? As for me thought I would let you into my secret space at Cosmik Atelier for a peek into my couture world of accessories design. That being said ... had a super high volume week of prepping, packing and shipping ...  goes without saying that I am perfectly happy in my studio tasking through the weekly schedule. An UBER active week for sure with many events and mag shoots coming in as well as custom client orders which I LOVE <3 Keeps the mind off the COLD !!!;)

Collabortative shoot with ...                                                                       
Photog:Ken Gehring
Model: Libby Turner
Apparel: Linda Rowe Thomas
Headpiece: Cosmik Souls

Fashion show collab with Linda Rowe Thomas Feb 1st in Louisville AK ... LOVE This Collaboration ... and So Bring On The NEW <3

So as with any good biz plan priority setting comes to the foreground ... for me it presents in the most organic way... necessity !!!  As owner, designer, crafter, marketer, shipping, advertising, stylist and the so many tasks you might add to a one of a kind handcrafted design biz like mine ... it becomes how do I meet the requests of the day keeping my eye on the week and longer range plans. A learned skill for this creative as I am more about fabrics and feathers strewn about ... getting lost in the dreamland of design. Time travel included for this vintage inspired gal. Had to come up with a plan to allow for the fantasy of the creative process mixed with the daily dealings of the biz so to speak. In the is search for balance and self discovery of practical skills not always associated with we creatives I had to seriously hon the term "compartmentalize" ... and all that it implies. By allowing separate time and space for the various activities I am able to almost switch characters knowing full well about the others mind you ... as a means to process through production needs and be sure that ALL of my collaborators and clientele are well cared for and super thrilled with what I provide. It is my name and rep on each and every piece .. craftsmanship and service will always lead. Be it be Bridal, personal or theatrical design ... Cosmik Souls is here to provide unique design with small town service ... please message me anytime to learn more :)

COCO Magazine shoot .....

Two Fabulous Stylist Requested Mag Shoots Sent To NYC ...  

here is a peek of last months shoot with the AWESOMELY talented Angelina Scantelbury for COCO Magazine ... can't reveal the details for next few shoots but stay tuned to learn more !

 And Oh YES This Is SO Happening Saturday Feb 1st ... Spotlight On Dance Theatrical Show at Alvin Alley Dance Theater Featuring Cosmik Souls Accessories and the Talented Solettes Dancers .... Can You Say DREAM Come True ...WOW ... Pix To Follow !!!!

So with the GLAM and excitement of a design biz comes tasking as well ... but given its proper place and time one side feeds the other and greater plans can be made and achieved ! Wherever you may go ... go with ALL your <3 ... it will lead the way ... certainly has for me :)

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Stay WARM ... see you next week with some INCREDIBLE pix from the weeks events :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Everything is BEAUTIFUL at the Ballet !!!!

This NEW and dazzling trend is no exception .... 


All it takes is a start studded night .... Sarah Jessica Parker ... LOVE her and her style ... and the New York City Ballet Gala to proclaim this Spring 2014 Trend !!! What is THIS newly bedazzled look you might ask ... I did too until until I learned that SJP's mid palm cuff of sorts is the NEWEST thing in ring bling .. or hand bling as it may be .. this hybrid of a beauty adorns the mid section of the palm ... previously neglected by event the utmost accessorized fashionista ... creating a new term and accessory unto itself known as the "Handlet".

Now enter at your own risk one might add ... but let's just validate ... when Sarah Jessica Parker proclaims a new styling trend ... everyone from NYC to the globetrotter to the housewife in the burbs perks up to listen. Let us not forget the Sex in the City darling who brought us rhinestoned horseshoe neck pieces to stack no less ... the gold diamond encrusted NYC street pretzel charm necklace ... and the fabulous parade of Jimmy Choo's and Manolo's to have and to hold if even just to prance around one's own walk in closet !!!;) 

Forgo  the math on the designer shoe trend or we may seriously have palpitations and just click off this Blog ... but click NOT ... this new trend comes in a variety of styles and price-points sure to match any fashion lovers wallet. Google around the many terms the trend speaks to such as handlet, hand ring, hand cuff and peruse a variety of suggestions. New York Fashion Week is just around the corner .. chose a style to match your persona and individuality for that is the beauty of this trend. Then stack on bangles, rings, knuckle rings or whatever you may desire to ROCK your look !!!! I have mine all ready set to GO ... vintage inspired of course ... here's a sneak peek at a NEW Cosmik Souls Handlet listing ... it's fabulous and oh so ready to SPRING forward !!! If you are so done with snow and ready to run with this runway and Red Carpet trend ... come have a look ... or request your very own design from Cosmik Souls ... lovely gifting possibilities to boot .. I mean hand ;) I am certain you have caught the urge to splurge and be dazzled ... happy shopping ladies .... feel free to write with your finds and pix ...would so LOVE to see and share ... stay warm and ENJOY !!!!<3

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Friday, January 17, 2014

It's ALL In The Bag For the LV "IT" Bag !!!

The LV Neverfull is exactly that and more ...

It doesn't take much to notice fashionable ladies of all ages from the big cities to the burbs are loving on this Louis Vuitton handy dandy tote. It's versatility in size, color, and patterns along with it's endless array cargo option's makes the Neverfull a go to staple in the LV brand handbag line for the commuting career gal, student,  gym rat to the mommy on the go. LV handbag patterns are know for their stop in your tracks recognition which can sass up any attire. Nothing like a casual day about town in yoga pants and sweater and a great LV Neverfull to make your look look beyond FAB !

The LV Neverfull design offers both form and function .. no wonder it can be seen out and about everywhere. But of course it's buyer beware in this luxury handbag category ... the fakes are everywhere too ... and I am not a proponent of the copycat trade for so many reasons. All you need is a good Google search to learn why. That being said in terms of the brands price points the Neverfull is comparatively well priced due to it's soft construction. but don't let that part fool you .. it is packed with all the fine details and accoutrements this brand has come to be known for. Most certainly worth every penny as your LV Neverfull will also never fade ... it is built to last and love for a lifetime. For the lady not wanting to take the splurge I offer this ... do some due diligence and check out the resale markets ... while some copies are most certainly hard to distinguish event to the most discerning eye ... there are tips offered straight from the LV page to spotting the imposters ... click the link below to learn more.

10 Tips In Buying a Pre-Owned LV Neverfull ...You SO Need To Check It First ... Full Page Of Pix and Info To Spot a FAKE ... Keep It REAL Folks ... Such An Investment Piece ... Here's Why ...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome To Accessorize ... With Cosmik Souls by Joan M Kelly

Welcome To Accessorize With Cosmik Souls by Joan M Kelly ...

Hi Folks ...It's Joan M Kelly Owner/Designer of Cosmik Souls Handcrafted Jewelry and Couture Accessories and your blog host for "Accessorize ... with Cosmik Souls" ... a new and exciting fashion accessories column for the beginner to the tried and true accessories addict... follow me on this journey through place and time to discover your accessories style .... let us explore our personal style and how it may be enhanced and taken to a whole new you with the addition of the accessory. It's a New Year .... take new risks to be the lady or gent you wish to be !!!

 The Accessory ...

The "accessory" ... defined by Merriam-Webster Online as "something that is added to something else to make it more useful, attractive or effective" .. that being said I wish to propose a useful but very effective and attractive way to start your New Year with the simple addition that will bring you Leap Years from where you began in an instant.

 Your Never Fully Dressed Without a SMILE ...

Begin by enhancing one's greatest accessory of all ... your SMILE ... reveling multitude about the person within ... for 2014 let's be sure our lips do tell !!! No invasive altercation needed ... simply select a new palette or shade of lip color from Panetone's hottest hue of 2014 "Radiant Orchid". The pinky, purple, fuchsia color combo evokes creativity and imagination ... is uber wearable ... and will bring your winter look from now to WOW !!!   When Panatone ... the global authority on color ... announces a color of the year the industry listens and communicates to market through exacting color ranges to bring you up to the minute FAB !!!

Where To Begin ...

Begin by clicking the link below to have a look at Pantone Universe partner Sephora's "Radiant Orchid" offerings and be WILD for orchid !!!  Also have a look at the newest pallets from MAC to Chanel .. GORGEOUS ... or take it to your local drug store to find most delightful bouquet of hues for YOU. Head on out and find your perfect shade and pucker up to pure radiance.

Thanks for joining me and Happy 2014 !!!

Cosmik LOVE ... Joan M Kelly <3

And In "Other" News ...

Please stay tuned as I learn from the basics how to accessorize my first Blog with graphics, pix, vids and more as I share my BEST  ideas for accessorizing your world ... a Cosmik journey for sure ... destination ... ENDLESS !!l ;)